Alabhya Jindal

Writing a Logo Interpreter

I have always wanted to understand how interpreters work. But I haven’t really succeeded in building one myself until now.

I came across an implementation of the Logo programming language by Transum and I loved it!

An email exchange with John, the creator of the Transum website

Looking at it’s source code I was able to understand that interpreters take some input and convert it into a structure that can be executed.

I started writing my own version of the Logo interpreter. I implemented movement and rotation commands soon enough. But I got stuck on the repeat command.

I found a great video by The Coding Train on writing a Logo interpreter.

This was massive. It helped me understand how to implement repeat. I studied the code and started writing my own interpreter.

My implementation is heavily inspired by both Transum and The Coding Train but it differs in two ways – there are no regular expressions and no external libraries.

After completing the interpreter, I decided to write a small book explaining how I did it. Check it out!

Writing a Logo Interpreter